Top 10 things you can NOT count on in India- in order of importance

As you can probably tell by the title, I've been traveling in India for 5 weeks now and am feeling a little snarky.

This post was inspired by a visit to the toilet in a "nice" restaurant, where there was no toilet paper (common), no running water (irritating) and yet a drenched floor that my pants fell into. We picked this particular pricey western restaurant because I desperately needed Wifi to book a flight.

The wifi wasn't working.


The top 10 things you can NOT count on in India - in order of importance. 

1. Wifi - It's never available when you really need it.

2. Electricity - I've mastered my quick draw with the flashlight app on my phone.

3. Running water - Because who needs to wash their hands anymore?

4. Hot water - ...or wash their body comfortably?

5. Toilet paper - In India, BYOTP is the rule, otherwise use the bucket system and your left hand, like everyone else.

6. Sanitary food - You can never know what might get you sick. But the food is sooooo good!

7. Getting what you ordered - Be specific and you might get close.

8. Punctuality of public transportation - "India Time" baby. No worries.

9. Punctuality of anything - Be careful making plans, take into account that nobody is punctual.

10. Anything, ever, at all - Yup, the less expectations you have for life to go your way in India, the more fun you will have!

India is an incredible country. I will return again and again, be frustrated again and again, and appreciate every colorful moment.

Planning your own trip to India?  Don't let my cheeky travel rants deter you, go see it for yourself.  Check out our other posts about traveling in India.

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