All the Crossfit Gyms We've Been To

One of my favorite travel activities is to hit up the local Crossfit gym.  Even if it's in the middle of nowhere Nebraska, or on the beach in Thailand.  There's always cool people to meet and an ass kicking to be had.

We've now been to 31 Crossfit gyms around the world.  Here is our growing list and a little bit about our experiences.

U.S.A. Crossfit Gyms

Crossfit Uncensored, Lake Elsinore, CA - Ahhh, our home gym.  The best gym.  A huge space, great coaches, family vibe. The owners manufacture the best jump ropes in the industry too.  Level 1 Elite.  Highly recommend!

No big. Just a double amputee climbing a 15 foot rope at Crossfit Uncensored. 

No big. Just a double amputee climbing a 15 foot rope at Crossfit Uncensored. 

Default Crossfit, Wildomar, CA - Family vibe, fun morning crew, great programming and coaching.  Small space in a strip mall but has a huge McDonalds style play area for kids.  

Crossfit Moab

Crossfit Inland Valley, Murrieta, CA - Great coaches, big space, lots of class offerings. 

Crossfit Hollywood, Hollywood, CA - Better reserve your spot a week in advance.  Such a tiny space in the city, but the coaches are top notch. $20 for a drop-in when I went a couple of times. When you run, you run past a Yogurtland, which is sheer torture.

Crossfit 951, Menifee, CA - Small space, tight-knit crew, gets hot AF in the summer. 

Crossfit Pandemic, Norco, CA - Did a team series competition here.  Hard to beat the space they've created at Pandemic.  A model gym for any aspiring box owner. 

Trailhead Crossfit

Crossfit Pacific Beach, Pacific Beach, CA - A few blocks from the beach, all the walls open up to let in the ocean breeze. Epic.

Desert Crossfit, Palm Desert, CA - Friendly people.

Crossfit Riverside, Riverside, CA - Did a competition here and took third (yay).  

Big Bear Crossfit, Big Bear, CA (now closed) - Adjacent to a fight gym, small space, altitude sucks!

Stellar Crossfit, Big Bear, CA - Big, beautiful, clean gym in Big Bear.  Working out at elevation, whew!  The most expensive drop-in fee we've encountered.

Crossfit Moab, Moab, UT - Super rad owners, tiny space but great vibe. They have Wodify!

Lone Tree Crossfit

Lone Tree Crossfit

Trail Head Crossfit, Golden, CO - Great space.  Our friends Scott and Brooke took us here and we went a few times and had a great time 

5280 Crossfit, Golden, CO - Great morning crew.  Very welcoming.

Lone Tree Crossfit, Lone Tree, CO - Right around the corner from iFly Denver!  You will get a good workout here. Holy smokes. Great programming, the owner has heart.

Crossfit Longmont, Longmont, CO - The friendliest gym in the central time zone.  The owner Sarg is a true community builder.  Huge space, lots on offer including yoga! 

Officially Decimated

Officially Decimated

Crossfit Decimate, Colorado Springs, CO - Great big gym with a rad crew of people.

Kearney Crossfit, Kearney, NE - Beautiful facility! The owner was so friendly and accommodating, didn't charge us, let us bring our dog in who behaved and didn't even pee. #winning

Crossfit Omaha, Omaha, NE - Had the unique experience of working out while watching the owner Stacey Tovar on TV compete live at the Crossfit Games.  Bought a $25 tank which made the drop-in free.

Crossfit Omaha

Crossfit 350, Ottawa, IL - Big space, most affordable membership pricing I've ever seen. 

Crossfit Exemplify, Morris, IL - Welcoming crew, great coaching.

Crossfit Nika, Deland, FL - Super fun to meet fellow skydivers at a Crossfit gym because it's located in a skydiving mecca.  Fun classes.  They have a shower!

Treasure Coast Crossfit, Sebastian, FL - Nice facility near the beach.  $20 drop-in.

FitCity Crossfit, Tampa, FL - We worked out here for 3 weeks and loved it.  Was hard to leave the community.  The owners Sarah and Javi were by far the most welcoming and inclusive box owners we've met (other than Uncensored).  Very diverse gym with absolutely no catty competitiveness. No GHD's though.

Nick getting his first bar muscle up at Crossfit 350 in Illinois.

Nick getting his first bar muscle up at Crossfit 350 in Illinois.

Crossfit Devastation, Winter Haven, FL - Unique placement inside a Gold's Gym.  Members get access to everything at Golds too, which has tons of Rogue equipment and lifting platforms.  Had two coaches, so that was nice. 

Crossfit Mako, Pensacola, FL - Rad people, big bay doors, supportive community.  They let us workout twice for the price of one drop-in.

Crossfit Uncontested, Houston, TX - Way smaller than it looks on Instagram!  We were hoping to meet another amputee who works out here, but actually ended up there on a rainy Saturday morning for open gym. Got to do a workout with the owner, who then took us out to authentic Houston BBQ afterward.  Southern hospitality at its finest!

Battle Wolf Crossfit, San Marcos, TX - A new gym located inside a storage facility, they were super happy to see us and kicked our butts simultaneously!

Parakaleo Crossfit, Redlands, CA - What a great, welcoming gym. These guys are the founders of ROM WOD, with the co-owner having a very popular yoga studio next door. Great coaches and programming!



Koh Tao Crossfit, Koh Tao, Thailand - Been here on two different occasions, two years apart and there were different owners.  Small, sweaty space with mainly other drop-ins and a few locals. Definitely made our time on this tiny island special.

Crossfit Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai, Thailand - Big space on the outskirts of the city, mainly expats and drop-ins, didn't feel too welcome.  In fact, I was turned away the first time I showed up.

S2S Crossfit, Changuu, Bali, Indonesia - Island vibe for sure! Such a fun place to workout and get to know people.



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