Best Street Food on Khoa San Road, Bangkok

Backpackers Paradise: KhoaSan Road

They say Khoa San Rd in Bangkok is a backpackers paradise because you can find just about anything there. It's where Leonardo DiCaprio drank snakes blood at the beginning of The Beach, a movie that forever etched Thailand into my heart.

KhoaSan Thailand Food

When on Khoa San Rd, be sure to eat outside of your comfort zone. Here are a few ideas.

Be brave!

Try a deep fried scorpion on a stick for less than $1.00  

Deep fried scorpion is kind of like popcorn. It gets stuck in your teeth!

Order a "big" beer and then invite people to join you.  $18 (We discovered this gem by accident and Nick learned the valuable lesson of being specific to the locals.)

And if you don't want a beer quite this big, be very specific! 

Have a big plate of Pad Thai for breakfast. Or lunch. Or dinner. Anytime! About $2.

Noodles for breakfast? Yes, please! I like mine with extra egg.

Some vendors will even throw in a shot of rum, if you're lucky!


Snack on a bag of fresh cut mangos for only $.50.

Or sip refreshing coconut water straight from the coconut for about a dollar. 

Some vendors will even throw in a shot of rum… if you’re lucky!

Of course there are tons of other places to eat other than on Khao San Road, but if you're there, be adventurous! 

What's the craziest thing you've eaten while exploring Khoa San Road?


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