Favorite Podcasts for a Long Road Trip

When Nick and I set out to travel the US in our 29ft fifth wheel travel trailer, we quickly discovered how unsatisfying it is to listen to music for hours on end.  It also became quite clear that music wouldn't keep Nick alert for the long haul. 

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We became obsessed with podcasts and would listen for hours on end, sometimes even sitting in the truck for 5 or 10 minutes after arriving at our destination just to finish an episode.  #mystrangeaddiction

Here are some of our favorites.  You will quickly notice that most of them have to do with true crime. Don't judge us and our sick minds.  See for yourself.  You can download them on iTunes, or through the Podcast app on your iPhone. 


OMG. This is a must-listen. Season 1 of Serial dives into the gripping investigation and conviction of Adnan Saed for the 1999 murder of Hae Min Lee in Baltimore.  Season 2 is about Bowe Bergdah, a marine who became a high-profile prisoner of the Taliban for 5 years.

Host Sarah Koenig tells the story in chapters, week by week.  Start at episode one and binge listen, because you won't want to stop. This is first on our list because it sets the bar so ridiculously high for all the other true-crime podcasts that have followed.


Nick and I really like the format of Criminal, as it's not a series.  Each short episode tells a different story and has an ending.  The crimes they discuss range anywhere from the typical to the bizarre.  It's a fun listen. 

In the Dark

Fascinating story of the high profile disappearance of Minnesota boy Jacob Wetterling in 1989.  Host Madeleine Baran dives into how law enforcement mishandled the case and all the little known results that followed.  

Trigger warning: because this crime involved a young child, it might be too much for some listeners (even though we feel they were extremely tasteful in delivery)

Up and Vanished

This is a first attempt podcast by experienced film maker Payne Lindsay.  He knows how to take an already intriguing story and make it irresistible.  

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He takes on the investigation himself and jumps into solving the 2005 disappearance of Georgia woman Tara Grinstead.  What he uncovers along the way blew our minds! Do us a favor, don't spoil it by researching on your own, especially because there is a lot of activity in the case, just listen and allow it to unfold.


Host Portland Helmich tells the true story of a string of heinous murders that took place between 1962 and 1964 in Boston by the infamous and aptly named Boston Strangler.  There's no real investigative work here, just good old fashioned story telling.

Someone Knows Something

Season 2 of this was probably the most frustrating of the podcasts to listen to. Not because it was bad, but because the host David Ridgen does such an amazing job of investigating and exposing critical details in the 1998 disappearance of Canadian woman Sheryl Sheppard, that it makes you want to drive straight up to Canada and apprehend the jerk who killed her yourself. 

Serial Killers

This is a new one for us, and it only has a few episodes.  The story telling is brilliant, as each episode tells the history of a different serial killer.  Wow. 

Missing Richard Simmons

Our new favorite!  Host Dan Taberski examines why outgoing, people-loving Richard Simmons suddenly fell off the face of the planet and became a shut-in on February 15, 2014.  This podcast makes me laugh, and makes me curious.  Well done.

UPDATE: This podcast is now complete, so you can binge listen to the whole thing. We are sad it's over.


Reveals tag line is "Hidden stories, uncovered."  Each episode takes you into a different story about the world around us. They investigate subjects that range from human trafficking to politics, to the dangers of boat building.  Each story is fascinating and will be sure to open your eyes.  

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This American Life

A classic radio show that dives into a different topic each week.  Usually the topic is broken down into three unique stories.  You will hear personal stories on any subject you can imagine.  It's a fun and thought-provoking listen.


Do you have a favorite podcast?  Let us know in the comments below. We are always searching for fresh stuff to listen to.


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