We Ate a Sheeps Head in Marrakech, Morocco

Jemaa el-Fnaa, the world famous medina (some may say circus) in the heart of Marrakech, is a must-see for anyone traveling through Morocco. We spent 3 days there, eating, exploring, shopping, and people watching.

The Craziest Street Food in Marrakech, Morocco

We were getting tired of shopping and walking and decided to head over to the food stalls again and try a whole sheep head. Inspired by Andrew Zimmern on my favorite show Bizarre Foods, we sought out the stalls displaying whole heads, found one that was busy, and sat down.

Our Marrakech Street Food Video

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We were hoping to get the head  in tact on our plate so we could know what we were eating, but that's not how it went down. The chef pulled a fresh head out of a steam pot, threw it on his chop board, cut and tossed the ears first. I guess the ears aren't edible? Then he split the head down the middle, half for me, half for Nick.

He separated and chopped up every meaty bit of the head like he was cutting lettuce for a salad. 

The final product served to us were two plates full of meat bits begging to be discovered and eaten.

The tongue was discernible right away. So was the skin. I was slow to try the skin though, digging through the pile to find more obvious selections of fat and meat.

Street food Marrakech Morocco Medina Jemaa el-fnaa

The meat was so tender and juicy, and the flavor was incredible. It had a very light hint of gaminess and practically melted in my mouth. 

Nick plowed his way through with a fork, but I needed to investigate every bite with my fingers in order to be okay with this whole crazy thing. I was eating a sheep head. I was making a mess.

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I eventually found the eye socket and eyeball. I had nick turn the camera on, of course, as I pulled the gelatinous little eyeball out away from the socket and put it in my mouth. It was delicious, again, a nice texture and light flavor. Then I ate the skin around the eye. That was kind of weird.

The tongue had a slightly tougher texture, and I absolutely had to peel the outer layer away from the bulk of the meat. Even though it was edible, I had found my limit. I also didn't like the bits inside the roof of the mouth, so I didn't eat those.

I loved that Nick told me he was proud of me. He didn't think I'd be able to eat it. Shoot, I was proud of me too. And I even enjoyed it. Thanks stall #59 for taking good care of us, reheating our plates halfway through the meal, refilling tea, snapping photos, and allowing me to get behind the chopping block with knife in hand for a priceless photo op.

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