How we ended up in Illinois for the Summer of 2016

We've had an adventurous 2016, with trips to exotic places like India, Thailand, Alaska, and Las Vegas (maybe that's not "exotic" but still), and yet, ending up spending the summer in Illinois is something I can't quite wrap my brain around yet. And we've been here for 10 days already.

When we drove away from our home in California on July 1st, hearts set upon settling in Colorado, I would've laughed at the idea of choosing Illinois instead. 

Let me clearly say that we loved Colorado. We absolutely fell in love with everything about it, except for the few critical pieces that meant we had to move on. 

Getting work as a skydiving instructor was my first order of business upon arriving, however, I didn't feel safe at Colorado's largest and busiest drop zone. A free-for-all landing area with no set rules regarding landing patterns is just not something I'm willing to subject myself to. Add to that, we couldn't find a viable option for parking and living in our RV anywhere within a 20 minute drive of there. Living too far from the drop zone would be detrimental for our two dogs. And it only took one weekend there to discover something we hadn't even considered: we have to find a drop zone we can live at. It's a must.

We spent the following weekend in Colorado visiting a smaller drop zone that turned out to be safe and friendly and everything we could possibly want, except for the fact they are only open 3 days a week, are located in the middle of nowhere, and do not have hookups for our RV to run the A/C for our dogs while we are jumping. If not for these minor (ok, major) details, we would still be in Colorado! Out of the Blue Skydiving near Colorado Springs is a fantastic operation and we will definitely make it a point to go back there if we make it back through Colorado again. 

Nick and Lindsay skydiving at Out of the Blue skydiving in Calhan, Colorado, and flying at iFly Denver.

This all brings me to the fact that we took a chance on driving all the way to Ottawa, Illinois, doubling the distance of our initial road trip, based upon our friend Scotts comment, "Skydive Chicago is fucking amazing! You will love it there!"


And here we are. Skydive Chicago is fucking amazing. We love it here.

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