RV Life Off to a Rough Start

Day and Night number one as full-time RVers could've gone a lot worse than it did, if not for Nicks incredible power to calm his panicking wife. 

Our first mistake was leaving late on a  Friday of a holiday weekend, which ensured we wouldn't make our target destination, Zion National Park. We drove as far as we could (about 300 miles) before sunset and ended up going 12 miles out of the way to a popular boondocking sight north east of Vegas called "Snowbird Mesa" or "Poverty Flats."

As we pulled into the unmarked, unlit, flat desert area there was an incredible lightening show dancing across the sky out in the distance. I asked Nick to park our trailer so the door would face the lightening so we could sit outside and watch. We were in the desert, in the middle of nowhere, about to camp in the way we had been dreaming of, making the nomadic life our new reality.

We got hot on setting things up for the night. We leveled the trailer, put out the pop-out, set out our chairs, fed the dogs (who were champions on the road for 7 hours!), and of course cheered a couple of cold Coronas to our first night of Nomadic life. 

I hadn't even sat down yet and the wind came. Sudden, gusty wind ripped right through the flats. The storm was coming. And as we continued our work, the lightening got closer and more furious. I was getting worried. I've always enjoyed lightening storms from afar, and this was getting a little too close especially with no cell service.  

Once the lightening started flashing overhead and crashing around us I began trying to convince Nick to undo all our work and get the fuck out of there! The rain started coming down and I watched a bolt hit the ground about 800 meters away and start a big fire. I went inside, grabbed another beer hoping it would help me not be scared, but that's when I realized I haven't been this terrified in a very long time. 

Nick finally gave in and began packing up, graciously, I might add, reassuring me that he was most concerned about my comfort. 15 minutes later we were on the road with pelting rain, lightening all around being passed by emergency vehicles responding to any one of the fires along the road.

"One day we'll laugh about this," Nick said. But I felt like shit. It was 10:30pm, and we were both exhausted. 

Mesquite, Nevada was only about 30 minutes away and I was pretty sure Nick's eyes would begin crossing if he drove much more than that. 

So we ended up doing what any exhausted American RVer would do and pulled into the nearest Walmart parking lot and crawled into bed.  

It rained all night, but we were cozy and safe far away from the flash-flood area of Poverty Flats, parked with other RV'd in that brightly lit asphalt parking lot.

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