Day 1-Kundalini Yoga Winter Solstice

I'm at a point in my life right now where I just don't see 3am anymore. It's way too late for me to stay awake, and it's way too early to rise. But, today at Winter Solstice, I saw 3am. On purpose. And surprisigly, it wasn't difficult to get up and get going either.  

Nick joined me at that sacred ambrosial hour for morning Sadhana meditation with a few hundred others. He may or may not have fallen asleep during the second hour of chanting. I don't care, at least he has an open mind and open heart to experience everything new in life. 

When we finished at 6am we immediately took a nap in our trailer officially making it the earliest nap I've ever taken.  

After our breakfast soup we met with our service team and began to make lunch right away. We joined a service team and received a hefty discount on admission. We thought it would be an awesome way to meet people and diversify our experience through service. 

I spent a few hours rinsing buckets of sprouts, peeling ginger, and melting ghee. Nick got his hands dirty mixing up enough tabouli in 5-gallon buckets to feed 700 people.  

Kitchen crew chopping veggies! 

Kitchen crew chopping veggies! 

I was really looking forward to our afternoon workshop with one of my all time favorite musicians Snatam Kaur. She's a devotional singer with an angelic voice you've probably heard in yoga class.

My fave Snatam Kaur album

My fave Snatam Kaur album

I've been a fan of her forever but haven't seen her live since 2004. The best part is that Nick is also a huge fan of hers and gives her peaceful music heaps of credit for his emotional healing after his accident. He would spend hours listening to her albums on repeat with headphones in the middle of the night when he couldn't sleep. She kept him calm and grounded, and now 5 years later he's getting to see her play live. Priceless! As an aside, I absolutely love to sit behind Nick at events like this. Sometimes I'll open my eyes a little bit and watch him sway to the music catching glimpses of his side profile as he's chanting away in a deeply meditative space. 


Our evening class was none other than a lesson on foot massage. I still can't believe Nick wanted to go with me. The teacher was such a sweetheart and suggested I massage Nicks hands when it was his turn after he did my feet. Great idea and very relaxing for him. The class was packed, and the teacher and her husband made us laugh hard explaining how beneficial learning foot massage can be for wives who aren't in the mood so it'll put their husbands right to sleep.

Overall we had a very full first day at Winter Solstice. So many beautiful conversations and meditations. Sat Nam.

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