Leaving Florida for the winter

So I guess we're not real snowbirds after all. It sure looked that way at first though, arriving in Florida on Halloween, planning to stay through the end of April. And here we are, two days after Christmas, and we are on our way back out west. 

Coming to Florida was dreamy as an idea, and a lot less appealing in reality. Our two months here were spent bouncing around five dropzones and yet never quite finding what we were looking for. Whatever that is. Other than Nick getting his riggers ticket (YAY!) and us getting to meet up with friends, I'd say we've had a fairly unproductive time here. But that won't be the case next time we go to Florida to soak up the beautiful winter weather because we learned a lot while making our rounds.


The decision to drive 2700 miles back to the place we just left six months ago was a tough one to make. We have gone back and forth on it for a couple of weeks now until finally making the decision yesterday that we would leave today. 

So here we are in Pensacola, Florida at the end of an eight-hour day on the road together.

Our driving time is usually spent listening to podcasts and so I'd like to share what we listened to today. We love true crime podcasts about unsolved murders or other crimes.

Today we started a new one titled Someone Knows Something. Thankfully it has tons of episodes so we could binge listen. This one is well made, with my only complaint being sound levels in the recordings, but the story is interesting. 43 years ago a 5 year old Canadian boy disappeared into the woods while out fishing with his family. There's been no trace of him since. We are only half way through the season and looking forward to more tomorrow.

Nick doing Thrusters using a box.  

Nick doing Thrusters using a box.  

When we arrived in Pensacola we drove straight to Mako Crossfit for a workout. It was Nicks first time doing Fran, and my 6th. It never gets easier doing pull-ups and thrusters like that. Mako Crossfit was a super cool gym that I'm excited to drop into tomorrow morning before we hit the road to New Orleans.

Everyone cheering Nick on as he finished his last 9 pull-ups of Fran.  

Everyone cheering Nick on as he finished his last 9 pull-ups of Fran.  

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