We moved to Mammoth Mountain for the winter!

In a dramatic turn of events in our crazy little lives, Nick and I up and moved to Mammoth Mountain for the winter.  We can't help but feel a little insane, extremely blessed, and totally unprepared for this new adventure.

It all started because we couldn't quite find our way in Florida for the winter after bouncing around the dropzones there for 2 months in our RV.  We never found a place we wanted to stay for the winter, and the unsettledness wore me pretty thin.  So, just before New Years Eve, we started the cross country trek back to Southern California to live by the beach for the winter, something I have always wanted to do.


In mid-January, over MLK weekend, we got invited to Mammoth on a last minute trip.  We fell in love instantly after realizing that Nick can walk safely in the snow, and that he can ride the slopes again, this time on a monoski.  The trip wasn't even over yet and our plans to move to Mammoth began.  

We immediately learned that housing in Mammoth during this epic snow year is impossible to come by.  I spent hours and hours every single day scouring the internet and following leads for places to rent.  After a week of no luck we got scared that the massive resistance to our hair-brained idea of suddenly moving to the Eastern Sierras was a sign that we shouldn't do it.  

Plan B:  Big Bear

So, instead of giving up completely, we hesitantly shifted course and began pursuing the idea of living in the local ski town of Big Bear instead.  Knowing the best way to find housing is to be present, we rented a house for two days up there and hit the streets trying to find a place to live.  Not only did we succeed and find an awesome house with a cool roommate, Nick got to ride his new monoski for the first time on his birthday.


We left Big Bear that last weekend in January feeling confused.  In one breath we were genuinely excited that we found a place and were finally moving forward with our lives after floundering around since mid October when we left Illinois.  But mostly we were sad because we didn't really want to be in Big Bear.  We wanted to be in Mammoth.  Bear mountain is smaller and more crowded, the snow less desireable, and the season shorter, but regardless, we had a place to stay and were looking forward to a few months of living the mountain life.

We got back to the trailer and began packing to move right away.  Despite our commitment to be in Big Bear, the deep desire to be in Mammoth kept nudging me to look online for any new housing leads.  And that's when I found Michael's post: room for rent for clean, respectful roommates, climbers preferred. 

The Hope was still Alive

My heart started pounding when I saw that he had just posted it.  I got hot on contacting him, told him all about us, and even sent him a link to this blog.  We decided to wait another day to go to Big Bear because what if we found just found a place in Mammoth?  

The next day we set up a video call with Michael and knew right away we had to live there.  He told us he received about 50 responses to his ad and had a few other people to meet with, but that didn't stop me from keeping in contact with him.  I sent him random messages to keep us in his thoughts, and even sent a photo of my climbing shoes and harness telling him I was packing them to bring to Mammoth.  

Tuesday, the last day in January, and exactly two weeks after deciding we wanted to live in Mammoth, Michael called and gave us the good news.  He chose us as his new roommates!

I started screaming and jumping all around the trailer in sheer happiness!  We're going to Mammoth!  This is just another example of how everything always turns out just right in our lives, and that we just need to follow our hearts at all times.

We spent the rest of that afternoon tying all the loose ends of our lives in order to leave our trailer and our doggie behind and move to Mammoth early the next day.

The morning of February 1st, 7 months to the day that we departed So. Cal. in our travel trailer, we left it behind and began the 5 1/2 drive to Mammoth.

We've now been here a week, living in this spacious apartment in the middle of town with Michael and his dog Easton.  We've had storms nearly everyday, adding to the already record snowfall year.  


We've been to the mountain to ride 3 times, joined the local athletic club and soaked in their hot tub, taken a few yoga classes, curled up for several movies while it's snowing outside, watched the Superbowl with our awesome neighbors, hung out with friends at the local bar, and had to shovel lots of snow.

So far we are loving it!  I still can't believe we are living here and that we get to be here for a few more months and live a lifestyle that I've never lived before.  In fact, I've only been to the snow when it's snowing one other time in my life.  Culture shock in full effect!

Cheers to new experiences, taking chances, pushing through the fear of the unknown, making priceless memories, and embarking on the latest chapter of Fener Adventures!


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