Learning to Monoski in Mammoth - Jan 2017

The irony is thick going to Mammoth to snowboard as soon as we get back into California after being in our RV for 6 months.

Six months ago when we gave everything away, rented our house, and moved into an RV, I got rid of my snowboard, boots, and snow jacket. Gone. Given away. What the hell would I need snow gear in the RV for? Well, I regret that decision now, after spending $100 on snowboard rental over the weekend.

Mammoth Mountain in the Eastern Sierras experienced record snow dump this month which made a trip up there sound like heaven. 


We immediately called the Disabled Sports of Eastern Sierra to see about getting Nick on the slopes using a monoski. We had no idea if he could even manage walking in snow, let alone if he would enjoy sitting in a bucket riding down the slopes.

Well, he loved it!  And I loved getting back on the snowboard after 6 years. 

Nick took four 2 1/2 hour lessons on the monoski. It's a steep learning curve. The first day brought frustration as he struggled to stay upright, and only ended up getting on the chair lift to the bunny slope once at the very end of the day.

But day two was different. He got it! He got it fast. The first 2 1/2 hours (his 3rd lesson) he got faster and faster on the bunny slope. The second 2 1/2 hours he went on a variety of intermediate lifts and was shredding hard. I tried, but I just couldn't keep up!

The best part of the 4th lesson was having our friends and brother join in. It really felt like we were all riding together, Nick in the lead.

Post snowboarding yoga sesh. 

Post snowboarding yoga sesh. 

The six of us stayed at a gorgeous condo in Mammoth where Nick and I shared the loft upstairs.

We did tons of yoga to loosen up from snowboarding all day, laughed until we cried while playing Cards Against Humanity and Midnight Taboo, sat by the fire and just enjoyed one anothers company.


This seemingly innocent little snow trip has been life changing for us.

Since we've been home for a few days now we have decided to move up there for the rest of the winter.

More on that to come!


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