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Lindsay here!

Keeping a travel diary is my favorite. Before this internet thingy, I used to write in paper journals daily.  I have 6 beautiful journals that are full of stories from trips I took in my 20's.  

Journaling creates a safe place to be raw and detailed about life on the road.  It also serves as a memory backup.  I can't be the only one that will totally forget stuff if I don't write it down? 

On this page I've organized my diary blog into chunks of posts by category or destination, newest to oldest. You can read all of the posts in each category by clicking the drop-down menu below. 

Read the diary from our 2017 trip to Egypt, Israel, and Morocco on this separate website here.

Read the diary from our 2013 trip to Thailand and Bali by clicking here.

Philippines 2018


Winter in Mammoth, CA 2017

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