The U.S.A.

Road tripping around the good ol' U S of A has been a dream of ours for as long as I've been an American (forever!).  We would like to eventually visit every state, but until then, we are exploring as we go.

On July 1, 2016 we left our home in Southern California and officially hit the road in our 29 foot 5th wheel trailer with two dogs and almost none of our belongings (because we gave it all away!!) to explore the USA and find work, friendships, and adventure along the way. 

We set off and had our first night in the new "'home" in Nevada, spent a few days exploring Utah, stayed with friends in Colorado, hurried through Nebraska and Iowa, and spent the rest of the summer at Skydive Chicago.

When we left Skydive Chicago in October 2016 we headed south through Indiana to visit family in Ohio, did bourbon tours in Kentucky, learned about history and how the country scene parties in Tennesee, saw friends and had campfires in Georgia, and then spent two months with friends checking out the dropzones in Florida.

We left Florida just before New Years Eve 2016 and took the 10 freeway all the way west.  We stopped to tour the USS Alabama retired battleship in (of course) Alabama, ate our way through New Orleans, celebrated New Years Eve with friends in Austin, Texas all the while eating our weight in BBQ, stopped to see sand dunes in New Mexico, skydived in Arizona, camped for a weekend in the famous sandy desert of Glamis, before finally getting back home to Southern California.  

We didn't stay there long, because we ended up moving to Mammoth Mountain for the winter for their most epic snow year and for Nick to learn how to monoski.

Traveling across the United States by road and soaking in the unique cultures of each region is amazing.  We hope these writings give you some ideas and inspire you to hit the road too!

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